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Welcome to Combat Sales, your new fractional Chief Learning Officer. We specialize in empowering businesses like yours with the content development and training implementation needed to excel in the ever changing Solar industry. With our patented training methodology, we facilitate the gap between practice and execution, significantly reducing the time required to achieve results.

Our team offers a sales training curriculum that enables sales companies to create customized and effective training programs, certifying representatives on essential skills, and ensuring accountability and genuine learning.

Boost your bottom line by equipping your sales team with effective training to seal every deal.

Meet Your New Fractional CLO

Top 6 Challenges Facing Solar Companies Today

Challenge 1

Training Sales Reps in Solar Sales is a Time Consuming Process

Managers have limited time and resources to invest in preparing their teams. Relieve them of the time-consuming task of sales training with Combat. Our proven methodology guarantees effective learning and frees up your managers to focus on their core strength: selling.

Challenge 2

Complexity of the Product

Solar systems are technically complex. Setters and Closers need to have a good understanding of the technology, how it integrates with existing structures, potential energy savings, and more. We ensure that your sales teams grasp these technical details and can explain them in simple terms to potential customers.

Challenge 3

Ensuring Ethical Sales Practices

Ensuring that salespeople adhere to ethical sales practices and don’t oversell or misrepresent the product is a constant challenge, especially in a market where high commission structures might tempt some to prioritize sales over integrity. Our training aims to solve these issues and focus on Ethical Sales Practices.

Challenge 4

Individuals Have Diverse Learning Styles

Members of your sales teams learn in various different ways: visually, auditory, verbally, etc. Our training focuses on covering the various ways your sales teams can learn by offering written material, video libraries, flashcards, quizzes, practice modules, and much more.

Challenge 5

Lack of Standardization

Standardize and Scale your training with Combat Sales. Our training programs are designed for a plug and play option with customizable features. Ensure your sales teams are learning the foundations.

Challenge 6

Distinct Markets Need Custom Information

As the solar sector expands to new markets, your company’s training requirements evolve as well. Our tailored onboarding and training strategies ensure we train your sales team precisely for each market.

Why Combat?

Provide Tailored Learning Journeys for Each Role

Our sales training platform includes the Setter Course, Closer Course, and Management Course as standard offerings. You can effortlessly tailor your training curriculum to supplement our existing content.

Pinpoint Growth Opportunities Through Data

We ensure student learning through the analysis of real data. Our software enables progress tracking, sales knowledge assessments, and more. We align all training materials and programs with business objectives, offering actionable insights to sales teams at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

Plug and Play

Our plug and play solutions allow your company to avoid headache and scale quickly. Plug in your existing training resources directly into Combat’s training platform to create a one stop education stop for your sales team.

Ensure Compliance

Make certain your sales team receives proper education on the intricacies of solar sales to maintain compliance and ethical standards.

Enhance Confidence Through Video Skill Refinement

Combat's sales training platform enables students to practice handling objections in real-time using AI. This provides sales representatives with immediate experience and the confidence to navigate actual sales pitches successfully.

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