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Do you need help building your sales force?

Tired of filtering through resumes, missed appointments, and low performers?
Look no further. Combat Sales hires, develops, and trains sales representatives that can seamlessly fit into your organization.

Challenges facing sales organizations today:


Spending valuable time, money, and manpower recruiting sales representatives.


Filtering through hundreds of resumes.


Hiring someone without knowing If they’re the right fit.


Trouble reaching a diverse workforce.


Not knowing where to find strong candidates.


Training new hires on sales basics.

3 Ways Combat works for your organization


The Combat Guarantee

As a hiring partner, you have access to the 90 day Combat Guarantee. If you or the candidate change direction for whatever reason, rest assured Combat will get your roles filled at no additional cost.


Reduce Turnover

Mitigate SDR turnover by hiring Combat graduates. Rest assured that the candidates you interview from combat have hit mandatory sales quotas to graduate and are ready to enter your company to perform.


Save Time and Money

Searching for salespeople can cost you valuable time and money. By hiring from a tested candidate pool, you can cut down your costs to hire.
Stop searching, start hiring.

Who we partner with

As part of our vetting process we do a thorough analysis of our potential partners to learn more about sales processes, opportunities within the company, and culture.

Connect with us today to learn more about how Combat can benefit your sales organization.

Want to hire Veterans?

Combat works very closely with veteran organizations to help veterans enter the workforce and secure sales careers. If your organization is looking to work with veterans, reach out to us today and learn more about the veterans within our graduate pool.

Ready to launch your sales career?

We recruit, assess, and train diverse people.