6 steps to Complete Combat’s Sales Bootcamp


Take the Combat Sales Bootcamp Questionnaire

Not sure how to start your sales journey?The Combat questionnaire is your first step. By answering 15-20 questions, we’ll learn enough about your career aspirations and sales preferences to suggest a branch for you to join for our apprenticeship program.


Choose a Sales Apprenticeship Branch

Combat offers three branches to choose from: Pest Control, Solar, and Home Security. Each branch contains different products, sales cycles, and strategies that will provide graduates with the sales skills and experience for a unique career path upon completion. Click on each branch to see which skills you’ll learn from every branch.

In this branch, candidates focus on presentations, rapport building, long sales cycles, financing agreements, and contracts.

In pest control, candidates focus on a rapid sales cycle; making contact, pitching the service, and getting payment within 20 minutes all while building value, trust and rapport.

Not sure how to start your sales journey? Take the Combat Questionnaire. Answer 15-20 questions so that we can learn about your career aspirations, desired skills, and workplace preferences, and we’ll recommend the branch that you’ll find the most success and enjoyment doing.


Start Your Sales Training

After choosing a branch and officially joining Combat Sales Bootcamp, you’ll begin your sales development using our Custom Training Platform.

This platform has been specifically designed and developed to provide a one stop solution for candidates to learn sales fundamentals and prepare for their apprenticeship.


Deploy to your Apprenticeship

After completing the first half of your training, you’ll deploy to your apprenticeship and begin the second half, selling door to door! Combat will handle all the logistics for travel and housing so that you can focus on honing your fundamental sales skills.

Combat has been meticulous in our search for the right apprenticeship partners to ensure our candidates are placed with companies who make it easy for our candidates to succeed. Our partners have the best services, products, communities, and leadership fundamentals in the sales industry, making it easy for our candidates to enjoy selling their products.


Graduate and Apply

Once you reach the minimum sales requirement to qualify for graduation, you’ll have the option of either graduating the program and entering the job market, or you can continue the program to achieve a higher tier certification.

Once a candidate is ready for graduation, they’ll meet with a Combat Job Placement Officer, who will provide professional resume crafting and interview preparation to help you land a top tier sales position with one of our hiring partners.


Earn your Dream Sales Job

After accepting your dream job, stay connected to Combat through our alumni network and social media. Our alumni are granted exclusive access to industry events, networking groups, and more.

Our Candidate Packet

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