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Our methodology focuses on three principles:

Is one of many aspects that set us apart from any other sales training program

Our methodology focuses on 3 Principles:

We recognize that the skills required for success in roles like setters and closers differ significantly. That’s why we personalize our sales training for each specific role, ensuring that your sales representatives excel in their positions and achieve results. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all sales training; instead, our sales courses are always customized to fit your company’s unique roles. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to customize and tailor training courses to meet your specific company needs.

We recognize that each person has their own unique learning style. That’s why our training platform offers a range of methods to practice sales skills, including our video objection randomizer, quizzes, video content, interactive exercises, written material, and more. We provide these diverse options to ensure effective learning for your entire team.

Efficiently track the learning progress of your sales teams at both individual and organizational levels to identify skill gaps and predict sales readiness. Our software enables you to collect and analyze the necessary data, providing actionable insights to sales teams and ensuring accountability for sales training within your organization.


We’re confident in how we measure up, because we measure

Combat is a data driven company. We don’t want to just claim our system works, we strive to prove it.
Within our software we have measures in place to evaluate sales knowledge, track progress and retention, and compare results upon completion. We then use your sales data to showcase you to future employers.


All of Your Training Resources in One Spot

Consolidate your sales resources into one centralized hub with Combat, eliminating the need for scattered materials. Effortlessly upload your training resources to our platform for streamlined access by your team. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating multiple platforms, and empower your sales representatives to find everything they require in a single location. From hosting training sessions to providing video content, written resources, and more – it’s all available in one place.


We Provide Customization at Your Fingertips

Looking to develop customized training solutions that align with your organization’s unique requirements? At Combat, we’re your collaborative partners. We specialize in creating tailored training courses and educational resources to suit your company’s specific needs. By merging our training proficiency with your objectives, we can craft a personalized training library exclusively for you.


We Enable You to Maximize Your Earnings by Minimizing Time Investment.

Transforming a novice sales rep into an expert is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Combat Sales can reduce the time and resources your managers invest in sales training. We excel in crafting highly efficient and effective sales training programs, enabling your new hires to hit the ground running. This means your representatives can start delivering results and meeting sales targets faster, while also freeing up your managers to focus on their core strength: closing deals.

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